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Demo - Client ID:1234567

1. Login or Create an Account:
- If you already have an account, log in using your credentials.
- If you're new, create an account to access the system.

2. Employee List:
- Enter the employee's details, including their ID number and the ID number of their manager.
- Ensure accurate information is provided for proper organization and management.

3. Company Goals, Objectives, etc.:
- Enter company-wide objectives that apply to all employees, such as On-Time Delivery (OTD), Performance, Quality, Financial Awareness, etc.
- These goals can be further detailed into specific metrics. For example, under OTD, a sub-goal for the shipping department could be to optimize the layout of the shipping room to improve the flow of goods.
- Create at least one sub-goal for each top-level goal to ensure comprehensive goal-setting.

4. Employee Ratings:
- Provide employee ratings and evaluations here.
- Make observations and assess performance based on predefined criteria.
- Ensure fair and objective evaluations to promote employee growth and development.

5. Bonus/Merit Allocation:
- Navigate to the bonus/merit section to rank job titles.
- The bonus awarded will be determined by the combination of job rank and performance rating.
- Experiment with this feature to better understand its functionality.

6. Charts and Analysis:
- Click on the engageAlign logo to access charts and analysis tools.
- Explore various charts and data analysis features to gain insights into employee performance, company metrics, and more.

7. Training Records and Sign-in Sheets:
- Training records are intricately linked to the module training sign-in sheets.
- Utilize the same client ID number when creating training sign-in sheets to reference back to training records in the performance management application.
- This linkage facilitates efficient tracking and Pareto analysis of training records through the utilization of the training sign-in sheet.
- Employees must use the same ID assigned to them within the performance management application for seamless integration and accurate record-keeping.

Note: Two weeks of inactivity will result in the automatic closure of the account, and all associated data will be permanently deleted from the system.